«Gissoni» implements the private security activities from the year of 2006, the main office of the company is located in the city of Tbilisi, and the regional offices in the cities of Batumi, Zugdidi, Poti, Kutaisi and Rustavi.

Despite 13 years of experience and high reliability gained at the market, the company annually introduces innovations and provides services in accordance with the standards of the European Union. In particular, the existing alarms and fire alarms are completely transferred to the technology of the latest GPRS / GSM data transmission, private personnel serving at the facility, guarded by the manpower, and trained to improve the professionalism and physical data, they have certificates of primary care and emergency management. They are armed with special clothing and with all the necessary technical equipment.

The company’s rapid response teams, in a continuous mode, are implementing the control and monitoring of the facilities that are under the protection, and in the event of an alarm, are implementing the instant response.

«Gissoni» LTD cooperates with the insurance company “Prime”, it has the bank guarantee and professional liability insurance, which provides the full and timely compensation for damage caused by the fault of protection.


More than thousand individuals and legal entities are using our services, including: “TBC Bank”, “Goodwill”, “Centre of Obligatory Insurance”, “Nikora”, “Elf City”, “Kozlovich”, “Badagi”, “Medical Center Batumi”, “Venice 97”, “Karaoke”, “White Lounge”, “Teka”, “Megapharm”, “Minia”, “Remonts Group”, “Kindza”, etc.