Protection of objects by physical force, that is, protection by manpower is one of the most effective and best services for the protection of public order and material values, which implies our company’s security personnel, having the appropriate training and experience (based on the specification of the protected facility), which ensures the safety of your object as in during the day, that is, during the business hours, so in the 24 hour mode

Personal security is a special service provided by manpower. The employees of the personal security have certificates on successful completion of the personal bodyguard training. The task of personal protection is to ensure the security of a particular person after the preliminary study of the peculiarities of his activity, place of residence, routes of movement, according to the developed individual plan.

Security and fire alarm systems nowadays are the most required service in the world. We offer you the installation of GPRS / GSM alarm systems in accordance with the latest EU standards. An individual study of your facility by the technical service takes place in advance, taking into account all the risks, after which we install the optimal alarm system, carry out installation and subsequent maintenance.

By using video observational systems, the customer will have complete control of apartments, offices, buildings and constructions, business operations, employees or users. After installation, you can control your object using the Internet from any parts of the world. We can, in accordance with your requirement, to install video monitoring systems and to ensure their continuous monitoring from the company’s operational control center.

The main purpose of GPS control is vehicle safety and monitoring. After installing the GPS systems, the car owner will be able to get detailed information about the location, speed of vehicles, fuel consumption and, if necessary, to limit the speed of vehicles, stop or block vehicles from anywhere in the world using a web platform and mobile application.